Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

I want to share this fun Mother's Day Craft Idea with you.

Mother's Day Craft Ideas - Watering Can Planter

Materials Needed:
One Metal Watering Can
One Silk Flower
Page Pebbles
Craft Glue
Computer Printout (will explain)
Stems of Silk Flowers
Oasis Foam

First, print out your Mom's initials on the computer. Here's the idea: you will be placing the page pebbles over the initials, trimming the extra paper, and the page pebbles slightly magnify the letters. Then glue those on the watering can. Note: Page Pebbles can be found in the scrapbooking section at the craft store.

Then take one silk flower and glue it to the watering can. (Wherever you would like).

If you will be using silk flowers to plant in your watering can then cut a small piece of oasis foam (found in the floral department at craft stores) so that it will fit into the watering can and you can poke the stems of the silk flowers into the foam.

Do not glue the foam in the watering can so that later, if your Mom wants to easily change out the silk flowers she can do so.

That's It! Your Mom is sure to love this gift that she will enjoy for a very long time!

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Mother's Day Craft Ideas


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