Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Mother's Day Craft Ideas - Potpourri Jar

Hi everyone! I hope this day finds you doing well. Not a lot has been happening my way. My family and I had a wonderful Easter. The Easter Bunny even came to see me and I'm a 26 year old! He brought me a Precious Moments doll that kind of looks like Strawberry Shortcake who I just love. I particular like the old Strawberry Shortcake doll not the new one. Anyway, I'm sure my co-workers think I'm a bit crazy. While their cubicles are filled with pictures of family and friends, I now have this Precious Moments doll sitting on my desk.

I can tell you that I did eat to much on Easter. My mom cooked enough food for an entire army. We had ham, chicken and dressing, dumplings, rolls, potato salad, cake, and tea. Then of course we all had to take a nap!

Well, for today's Mother's Day Craft Idea I would like to share how to make a Potpourri Jar. It's a very simple craft that will be great to give to your mom on Mother's Day.

Materials Needed:

one glass jar (you can use a baby food jar, or jelly jar)

one fabric doily large enough to cover the top of the jar and have a little over hang

potpourri (what's a potpourri jar without the potpourri?)

Ribbon (enough to tie around the top of the jar)

One small silk flower

Fill glass jar with desired potpourri. Place doily over the top of the jar and secure the doily to the jar by wrapping the ribbon around the doily and tieing. Then either glue the small silk flower to the doily or tie it using the ribbon. Just remember that if you glue the flower that the glue may go through the holes in the doily which will cause your flower to stick to the jar. You may want to try glueing the flower to the ribbon. Just be careful and make sure that the doily is not to loose but can be removed later to fill the jar with fresh potpourri.

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Mother's Day Craft Ideas


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